Chip Repair

​Rock chip + bulls eye + star + pit + crack in your windshield?

If you drive in Colorado, you've experienced at least one of these in your windshield.
Gravel trucks, sand on the road, debris on the road, all of these things lead to windshields with issues. 
We can fix these! 

Prolonging the life of your windshield by repairing the damage quickly is the best case to saving hundreds of dollars replacing your windshield and avoiding a traffic ticket for a defective vehicle. Windshield repairs are a STRUCTURAL repair, not a cosmetic repair, you may still see a small fracture or crack, but it will, in most cases, not continue to spread, prolonging the life of your windshield. 

Rock chips that are not repaired have a high risk of spreading, making visibility difficult, especially as the temperature fluctuates here in Colorado. Our technicians utilize an advanced paint chip repair process. 

These non-intrusive repairs, which are incredibly effective in minimizing or even eliminating paint chips from a vehicle, are reliable and long lasting. 

Our repairs are approved by insurance companies. Our repair process replaces air in the damaged glass with a liquid resin. The resin is cured, or hardened and once the damage has been repaired it will not continue to crack. The repair process from start to finish, including dealing with your auto insurance takes a total of 30 minutes. We recommend making an appointment so that you aren't waiting. We value your time. As soon as the repair is finished your vehicle will be ready to go on the road again! 

Most insurance companies, depending on your policy, will pay for the repair if you file a claim with no out of pocket expense.