Paint Protection Film


Paint Protection Film/Clearbra preserve your vehicle's good looks without changing its appearance and that is very important living here in Colorado. 

 With high optical clarity, our paint protection film let's paint colors show true, all while creating an invisible shield to help protect your vehicle from the hazards of driving. Defend your vehicle's vulnerable areas against nicks, scratches, small road debris, and winter road chemicals.

Clearly, LLumar® Paint Protection Film provides the best option for keeping your vehicle in prime condition. It is certain to enhance its quality and resale value for years to come.
Precision Technology

LLumar® Paint Protection Film is manufactured with dual functioning technology that maximizes durability and provides a high gloss shine. And you don't have to worry about the film yellowing over time.

to factory specifications to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Professional Installation

To ensure lasting quality, all LLumar® Paint Protection Film is professionally installed. Film is extremely durable, it won't affect your painted finish — even if you decide to remove it.
Care Instructions

LLumar® Paint Protection Film is recommended for factory paint and is easy to clean and maintain. Standard car washes should present no problems with proper installation, which includes film edge inspection, waxing, and a 30-day cure time. Regular waxing is required to maintain the film's luster.
Guaranteed Performance

With a five-year limited manufacturer's warranty, LLumar® Paint Protection Film is warranted against cracking, peeling or bubbling* — all common problems associated with inferior films.

Help protect your vehicle during your next journey 
​Our Clear Bra Packages are as follows:

Standard Package:
-18"-24" Hood
- Fenders to match
- Mirrors
- All Available Door Handle Cups

Deluxe Package: 
- 18" -24" Hood
- Fenders to match 
- Mirrors
- Headlights
- A Pillars
- All available Door Handle Cups   
Premium Package:
- 18"-24" Hood
- Fenders to match - Mirrors
- Headlights
- A Pillars
- All available Door Handle Cups
- All available Door Edges Guards
- Front Bumper

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